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Mes Demoiselles - Paris

Season after season, the Brand invites us to follow a singular path. Her route. Hypersensitive, over an Artist’s emotions and her unique vision of chic simplicity. The true luxury.
Mes Demoiselles… Paris is a truly contemporary Brand, but true to its roots. Silk Road and golden sunshine, Mes Demoiselles… Paris’s unique pieces draw inspiration from the great human adventures as well as the strength of Nature.
A tribute to our skin, to the earth, to spices. To the essentials.

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Pull Rana - Mes DemoisellesPull Rana - Mes Demoiselles
Pull Rana - Mes Demoiselles Sale price€365,00
Pantalon Barbie - Mes DemoisellesPantalon Barbie - Mes Demoiselles
Pull Tamami - Mes DemoisellesPull Tamami - Mes Demoiselles
Pull Tamami - Mes Demoiselles Sale price€397,00
Brock Trousers - Mes DemoisellesBrock Trousers - Mes Demoiselles
Save €171,00Nyota Shirt - Mes Demoiselles
Nyota Shirt - Mes Demoiselles Sale price€74,00 Regular price€245,00