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Oryza Lab

A story about rice
ORYZA LAB in an authentic and scientific skincare brand based on rice, that comes to life in Comporta in the middle of the rice fields. 100% clean and efficient products that combine Comporta's traditions with the french cosmetic know-how.

Since 1925, the rice fields of Comporta have shaped and coloured the landscape. They are an integral part of the region's history. Rice contains many B vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron, magnesium and potassium, which go directly into the water during cooking.

This is why rice water is so rich in benefits that wellness enthusiasts cannot do without.
As effective on the inside as on the outside, rice water is a holistic beauty treatment par excellence. Highly concentrated in antioxidant gamma-oryzanol and regenerating inositol, it combats oxidative stress and boosts cell renewal to preserve the
skin's youthful appearance.

Oryza Lab

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