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Vetrerie Di Empoli

In 1935, decades ahead of its time, Vetrerie di Empoli opened branded stores in Rome, Turin and Milan, and the green glass of Empoli began to be seen in many Italian homes.

With the passing of time, the traditional glassware evolved from plain rustic styles to increasingly elegant designs, and additional stores sprang up in Milan, first in Via Pietro Verri and then in the chic central location of via Montenapoleone.
Today, Vetrerie di Empoli routinely welcomes the most sophisticated international clientele, satisfying their demands for a distinctive product of high quality and innovative, striking design.
This excellence is guaranteed by the family’s dedication to realizing new and original collections, some even patented internationally, thanks to expertise accumulated over more than a century.

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Barattolo On Stand - Vetrerie Di Empoli
Barattolo Box - Vetrerie Di Empoli