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Cecilia Prado

Combinations of yarns, colors and textures come together to create a modern, striking style, which expresses the persona of Cecilia Prado. Always exploring the maximum of knit possibilities, the brand has principal characteristic pieces with contemporary and feminine design.

The pieces are created with bold design and extraordinary modelling, resulting from the constant search for new creation methods and knitting techniques. Aiming for the highest quality with expert knowledge, developed over more than three decades of history, all development and manufacturing processes are performed internally.

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Dress Adriana - Cecilia PradoDress Adriana - Cecilia Prado
Dress Adriana - Cecilia Prado Sale price€450,00
Dress Vitória - Cecilia PradoDress Vitória - Cecilia Prado
Dress Vitória - Cecilia Prado Sale price€335,00
Long V-neck dress Paula - Cecilia PradoLong V-neck dress Paula - Cecilia Prado
Mesh top Virgínia - Cecilia PradoMesh top Virgínia - Cecilia Prado
Skirt pareo Vitória - Cecilia PradoSkirt pareo Vitória - Cecilia Prado
Pérola top - Cecilia Prado
Pérola top - Cecilia Prado Sale price€155,00
Rose Dress - Cecilia PradoRose Dress - Cecilia Prado
Rose Dress - Cecilia Prado Sale price€330,00
Margareth pants - Cecilia Prado
Midi skirt Fernanda - Cecilia PradoMidi skirt Fernanda - Cecilia Prado
Clóe Knit Jacquard Cover Up - Cecilia PradoClóe Knit Jacquard Cover Up - Cecilia Prado
Clóe Knit Jacquard Cover Up - Cecilia Prado Sale price€129,00 Regular price€323,00
Lavinia Long Dress - Cecilia PradoLavinia Long Dress - Cecilia Prado
Lavinia Long Dress - Cecilia Prado Sale priceFrom €180,00 Regular price€450,00
Crystal Geometric Blouse - Cecilia PradoCrystal Geometric Blouse by Cecilia Prado, Viscose 50%, Polyester 40%, Acrylic 10%, Geometric print, FW22 Collection, New Arrivals, Espace Cannelle
Crystal Geometric Blouse - Cecilia Prado Sale price€62,00 Regular price€205,00