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ETRO is a fashion house that has defined Italian style around the world since 1968. From research into textiles and attention to detail, Etro creates luxury clothing and accessories for men and women, where passion for travel and sartorial tradition are the key concepts of every collection.

The iconic Paisley pattern, prints and jacquard weaves feature on outerwear, dresses, bags and shoes. The Maison's unique style is also expressed through a line of unisex fragrances featuring aromatic, floral, spicy and woody notes, and by a home accessories collection in which tradition blends with contemporary aesthetics.

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Pegaso-embroidered striped cotton shirt- EtroPegaso-embroidered striped cotton shirt- Etro
Slub fabric blazer - EtroSlub fabric blazer - Etro
Slub fabric blazer - Etro Sale price€1.650,00
Floral-print stretch-cotton shirt - EtroFloral-print stretch-cotton shirt - Etro
Slub fabric trousers - EtroSlub fabric trousers - Etro
Slub fabric trousers - Etro Sale price€675,00
Printed silk and cashmere scarf - EtroPrinted silk and cashmere scarf - Etro
Dress with floral print - EtroDress with floral print - Etro
Dress with floral print - Etro Sale price€1.490,00
Cotton-blend dress - EtroCotton-blend dress - Etro
Cotton-blend dress - Etro Sale price€1.352,00
Paisley bikini - EtroPaisley bikini - Etro
Paisley bikini - Etro Sale price€372,00
Long printed silk dress - EtroLong printed silk dress - Etro
Long printed silk dress - Etro Sale price€2.990,00
Floral-print silk jacket - EtroFloral-print silk jacket - Etro
Tailored cady flared trousers - EtroTailored cady flared trousers - Etro
Paisley  swimsuit - EtroPaisley  swimsuit - Etro
Paisley swimsuit - Etro Sale price€390,00
Floral-print maxi dress - EtroFloral-print maxi dress - Etro
Floral-print maxi dress - Etro Sale price€1.790,00
Floral-print self-tie shirt - EtroFloral-print self-tie shirt - Etro
Light Purple Silk Pants - EtroLight Purple Silk Pants - Etro
Light Purple Silk Pants - Etro Sale price€995,00
T-shirt Bouquet Print - EtroT-shirt Bouquet Print - Etro
T-shirt Bouquet Print - Etro Sale price€555,00
Multicoloured bouquet biquini - EtroMulticoloured bouquet biquini - Etro
T-shirt with embroidery - EtroT-shirt with embroidery - Etro
T-shirt with embroidery - Etro Sale price€421,00
Printed swimsuit with crossing shoulder straps - EtroPrinted swimsuit with crossing shoulder straps - Etro
Shirt with bouquet print - EtroShirt with bouquet print - Etro
Printed cotton and silk dress - EtroPrinted cotton and silk dress - Etro
Long Printed Kaftan - EtroLong Printed Kaftan - Etro
Long Printed Kaftan - Etro Sale price€990,00
Printed swimsuit - EtroPrinted swimsuit - Etro
Printed swimsuit - Etro Sale price€390,00
Printed satin cape - EtroPrinted satin cape - Etro
Printed satin cape - Etro Sale price€690,00
Floral cotton-blend shirt - EtroFloral cotton-blend shirt - Etro
Bandana bouquet dress - EtroBandana bouquet dress - Etro
Bandana bouquet dress - Etro Sale price€1.490,00
Floral-print silk maxi dress - EtroFloral-print silk maxi dress - Etro
Floral-print tied blouse - EtroFloral-print tied blouse - Etro
Bouquet Maxi Skirt - EtroBouquet Maxi Skirt - Etro
Bouquet Maxi Skirt - Etro Sale price€1.450,00
Bandana bouquet blouse - EtroBandana bouquet blouse - Etro
Bandana bouquet blouse - Etro Sale price€551,00
Bouquet  Shirt - EtroBouquet  Shirt - Etro
Bouquet Shirt - Etro Sale price€750,00
Bouquet Palazzo Trousers - EtroBouquet Palazzo Trousers - Etro
Printed Tunic Dress - EtroPrinted Tunic Dress - Etro
Printed Tunic Dress - Etro Sale price€990,00
Long Printed Silk Dress - EtroLong Printed Silk Dress - Etro
Long Printed Silk Dress - Etro Sale price€2.990,00
Floral Balloon-Sleeve Dress - EtroFloral Balloon-Sleeve Dress - Etro
Printed Silk Shirt - EtroPrinted Silk Shirt - Etro
Printed Silk Shirt - Etro Sale price€1.092,00
Multicoloured Bouquet T-shirt - EtroMulticoloured Bouquet T-shirt - Etro
Floral short- EtroFloral short- Etro
Floral short- Etro Sale price€450,00
Floral cotton and silk skirt - EtroFloral cotton and silk skirt - Etro
Floral Buttoned Coat - EtroFloral Buttoned Coat - Etro
Floral Buttoned Coat - Etro Sale price€796,00 Regular price€1.990,00
Wool Coat With Embroidery - EtroWool Coat With Embroidery - Etro
Wool Coat With Embroidery - Etro Sale price€1.036,00 Regular price€2.590,00
Wool Trousers - EtroWool Trousers - Etro
Wool Trousers - Etro Sale price€356,00 Regular price€889,00
Paisley Sablé Dress - EtroPaisley Sablé Dress - Etro
Paisley Sablé Dress - Etro Sale price€540,00 Regular price€1.350,00
Silk Top With Ruches - EtroSilk Top With Ruches - Etro
Silk Top With Ruches - Etro Sale price€516,00 Regular price€1.290,00
Round Neck Jacket - EtroRound Neck Jacket - Etro
Round Neck Jacket - Etro Sale price€660,00 Regular price€1.651,00
Shirt - EtroShirt - Etro
Shirt - Etro Sale price€316,00 Regular price€790,00
Blazer with Embroidered Details - EtroBlazer with Embroidered Details - Etro
Blazer with Embroidered Details - Etro Sale price€580,00 Regular price€1.450,00
Cable Knit Turtleneck Jumper - Etro
Cable Knit Turtleneck Jumper - Etro Sale price€340,00 Regular price€850,00
Cable Knit Turtleneck Jumper - Etro
Cable Knit Turtleneck Jumper - Etro Sale priceFrom €340,00 Regular price€850,00
Tailored Paisley Jacquard Jacket - EtroTailored Paisley Jacquard Jacket - Etro
Tailored Paisley Jacquard Jacket - Etro Sale priceFrom €516,00 Regular price€1.290,00