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Yoshi ottoman stripes trousers - DestreeYoshi ottoman stripes trousers - Destree
Yayoi Dress - DestreeYayoi Dress - Destree
Yayoi Dress - Destree Sale price€490,00
Linen canvas shirt - MaxMaraLinen canvas shirt - MaxMara
Linen canvas shirt - MaxMara Sale price€200,00
Linen canvas shirt - MaxMaraLinen canvas shirt - MaxMara
Linen canvas shirt - MaxMara Sale price€200,00
Silk twill skirt - MaxMaraSilk twill skirt - MaxMara
Silk twill skirt - MaxMara Sale price€330,00
Printed silk shirt dress - MaxMaraPrinted silk shirt dress - MaxMara
Flowing viscose and linen trousers - MaxMaraFlowing viscose and linen trousers - MaxMara
Long linen blend dress - TwinsetLong linen blend dress - Twinset
Long, asymmetric satin dress  - TwinsetLong, asymmetric satin dress  - Twinset
Mesh cardigan with floral print - TwinsetMesh cardigan with floral print - Twinset
Pegaso-embroidered striped cotton shirt- EtroPegaso-embroidered striped cotton shirt- Etro
Elliot Midi Dress - DVFElliot Midi Dress - DVF
Elliot Midi Dress - DVF Sale price€473,00
Openwork cardigan with belt - TwinsetOpenwork cardigan with belt - Twinset
Long skirt Brooke - Ba&sh
Long skirt Brooke - Ba&sh Sale price€255,00
Etta Tiered Floral-Print dress - DVFEtta Tiered Floral-Print dress - DVF
Jumpsuit Gama - Leonard ParisJumpsuit Gama - Leonard Paris
Jumpsuit Gama - Leonard Paris Sale price€1.740,00
Midi skirt Fernanda - Cecilia PradoMidi skirt Fernanda - Cecilia Prado
Skirt pareo Vitória - Cecilia PradoSkirt pareo Vitória - Cecilia Prado
Satin midi dress - TwinsetSatin midi dress - Twinset
Satin midi dress - Twinset Sale price€299,00
Cady crepe blazer - TwinsetCady crepe blazer - Twinset
Cady crepe blazer - Twinset Sale price€364,00
Floral-print stretch-cotton shirt - EtroFloral-print stretch-cotton shirt - Etro
Bandana bouquet dress - EtroBandana bouquet dress - Etro
Bandana bouquet dress - Etro Sale price€1.490,00
Long V-neck dress Paula - Cecilia PradoLong V-neck dress Paula - Cecilia Prado
Margareth pants - Cecilia Prado
Rose Dress - Cecilia PradoRose Dress - Cecilia Prado
Rose Dress - Cecilia Prado Sale price€330,00
Dress Adriana - Cecilia PradoDress Adriana - Cecilia Prado
Dress Adriana - Cecilia Prado Sale price€450,00
Dress Vitória - Cecilia PradoDress Vitória - Cecilia Prado
Dress Vitória - Cecilia Prado Sale price€335,00
Satin trench coat with belt - TwinsetSatin trench coat with belt - Twinset
Taffeta trench coat with belt - TwinsetTaffeta trench coat with belt - Twinset
Short dress Vlada - Ba&ShShort dress Vlada - Ba&Sh
Short dress Vlada - Ba&Sh Sale price€235,00
Loose shirt Harvey - Ba&Sh
Loose shirt Harvey - Ba&Sh Sale price€180,00
Denim trousers Feva - Ba&Sh
Denim trousers Feva - Ba&Sh Sale price€180,00
V-neck poncho sweater - KateV-neck poncho sweater - Kate
V-neck poncho sweater - Kate Sale price€198,00
Floral-print self-tie shirt - EtroFloral-print self-tie shirt - Etro
Floral-print silk maxi dress - EtroFloral-print silk maxi dress - Etro
Long printed silk dress - EtroLong printed silk dress - Etro
Long printed silk dress - Etro Sale price€2.990,00
Dress Tiso - Leonard ParisDress Tiso - Leonard Paris
Dress Tiso - Leonard Paris Sale price€1.990,00
Slub fabric blazer - EtroSlub fabric blazer - Etro
Slub fabric blazer - Etro Sale price€1.650,00
Slub fabric trousers - EtroSlub fabric trousers - Etro
Slub fabric trousers - Etro Sale price€675,00
Lala Top - DVFLala Top - DVF
Lala Top - DVF Sale price€430,00
Boris Dress - DVF
Boris Dress - DVF Sale price€545,00
Oversized blazer - PhilosophyOversized blazer - Philosophy
Oversized blazer - Philosophy Sale price€723,00
Blake dress - Ba&shBlake dress - Ba&sh
Blake dress - Ba&sh Sale price€305,00
Jumper Elsy - Ba&shJumper Elsy - Ba&sh
Jumper Elsy - Ba&sh Sale price€157,00
Sweater Kate - Absolut CashmereSweater Kate - Absolut Cashmere
Floral-print silk jacket - EtroFloral-print silk jacket - Etro
Shirt with bouquet print - EtroShirt with bouquet print - Etro
Dress with floral print - EtroDress with floral print - Etro
Dress with floral print - Etro Sale price€1.490,00
Printed cotton and silk dress - EtroPrinted cotton and silk dress - Etro
Tailored cady flared trousers - EtroTailored cady flared trousers - Etro