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The house of cashmere in Paris, NOTSHY, developed in the last 20 years, essential, modern, chic, singularly feminine clothing in all the respect for the world and the people.

Specialists of Cashmere since 1999, Not Shy uses Inner Mongolian cashmere exclusively, the same being of undeniable quality. Founded by two old friends Olivier Criq and Jean-Pascal Candau, Not Shy is born from the desire to re-invent cashmere.

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Nya t-shirt - NotshyNya t-shirt - Notshy
Nya t-shirt - Notshy Sale price€155,00
Clemy modal cashmere pants - NotshyClemy modal cashmere pants - Notshy
Sophia linen t-shirt - NotshySophia linen t-shirt - Notshy
Emilie linen t-shirt - NotshyEmilie linen t-shirt - Notshy
Linen cardigan Mina - NotshyLinen cardigan Mina - Notshy
Linen cardigan Mina - Notshy Sale price€145,00
Cynthia linen pants - NotshyCynthia linen pants - Notshy
Cynthia linen pants - Notshy Sale price€145,00
Alexia jumper - NotshyAlexia jumper - Notshy
Alexia jumper - Notshy Sale price€195,00
Kami cotton skirt - NotshyKami cotton skirt - Notshy
Kami cotton skirt - Notshy Sale price€195,00
Sophia linen t-shirt - NotshySophia linen t-shirt - Notshy
Satine linen pants- NotshySatine linen pants- Notshy
Satine linen pants- Notshy Sale price€90,00
Ophelia linen t-shirt - NotshyOphelia linen t-shirt - Notshy
Thais skirt - NotshyThais skirt - Notshy
Thais skirt - Notshy Sale price€130,00
Shirt Aeyah - NotshyShirt Aeyah - Notshy
Shirt Aeyah - Notshy Sale price€145,00