Swans - Legends Of The Jet Society by Nicholas Foulkes


The Swans of jet society had perfected the art of nonchalant elegance. They were the standard-bearers of fashion as not merely clothes but an active lifestyle choice." Marella Agnelli Once the epitome of soigne worldly glamour, the words "jet set" conjure images of exotic global destinations and golden beaches; clandestine rendez-vous on opulent yachts; star-studded parties in palatial mansions, the women in couture gowns and glittering jewels, the men in debonair tuxedos. The people of the jet set were the last vestiges of a leisured and cultivated age, a world of taste and culture, elegance and beauty. 'Swans: Legends of Jet Society' captures the spirit of this world, in which today's technology was the stuff of science fiction, when foreign travel was the preserve of a privileged cosmopolitan few.

Product Details

• 35.5cm L x 28cm W x 5cm D
• Hardcover
• 296 Pages
• English language

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