Hampton's Gardens by Jack de Lashmet


Celebrated for its beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, light, and abundant natural resources, the Hamptons have been attracting people to its fertile land for over 350 years. Though it is known as a glamorous playground for the rich and brilliant, this eastern tip of Long Island has also been at the epicenter of American garden design since its earliest days as a sleepy summer colony. Hamptons Gardens invites you behind the private hedges and into the picturesque landscapes that represent an array of garden philosophies and styles from the past and present—featuring the work of groundbreaking designers such as Russell Page, Edwina von Gal, Oehme van Sweden, and Miranda Brooks. From sustainable native gardens to the over-the-top, these spaces are the work of artists using the natural world as their medium to frame or disguise houses both modern and traditional. From new, minimalist gardens in Amagansett to the ambling greenery of the famed Grey Gardens, Hamptons Gardens explores the most important gardens and cultivation trends of today.

Product Details

• W 10.98 x L 13.93 x D 1.69 in
• Hardcover with jacket
• 268 Pages
• 155 Illustrations
• English language

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